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    Hoiby Simmental Ranch is a family owned ranch run by Lyndon, Shelley, Paige, and Levi Hoiby. We have been raising registered simmental cattle for 40 years.
     It was started very slowly by adding one or two females a year while in High School and College. Our herd now consists of over 280 registered Simmental and Simangus females.
     We sold bulls and females in consignment sales for many years until we decided to have our own sale. This will be our 21th annual production sale.
      We run our cow herd like a commercial herd, very seldom do our cows see a bale of hay before Christmas. We strive to sell bulls and females that are naturally thick, easy fleshing, structurally sound and a easy going disposition. 
     Please feel free to contact us at anytime, we love to talk simmental. 
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